The Taj Mahal

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April 17, 2021
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Can delightful memories be created within an effortless rectangle? The answer is yes and can be felt in The Taj Mahal tent. With breezy drapes and an intricate fringed border detail, one can become swept away in this classic treasure. This banquet style tent comes in several rectangular sizes like 4×8, 15×24, 18×36, 30×45, 40×60, and 50×100 feet and can be used for outdoor large or small celebrations. The mini, 4×8 tent, is an excellent choice for food and hors d’oeuvre, beverages, gifts, or even a DJ and can be used indoors or outside.

With over 25 different colors like mint green, royal blue, ivory, or pink, your colorful outdoor Bohemian Wedding, mid-day Baby Shower, or milestone birthday party can be any color that your heart desires.

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This classic and stunning, rectangular-shaped tent is perfect for any outdoor occasion. It is ideal for covering a wedding ceremony or reception, whether it’s a sunny day or romantic evening. It is available in the following:

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Tent Size

15ft x 25ft, 20ft x 40ft, 30ft x 45ft, 40ft x 60ft, 40ft x 80ft, 40ft x 100ft, 40ft x 120ft


Black, Blue Magenta, Bright Pink, Bright Red, Green Cyan, Maroon, Moderate Violet, Pale Red, Pale Yellow, Soft Cyan, Soft Yellow, Turqoise, Vivid Orange, White

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