Backyard Mehendhi

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April 23, 2021
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Backyard Mehndi

With swirls of blue, pink, and yellow this bright and festive Mehndi come to light using Chauvet DJ EZWedge Uplights, CHAUVET DJ Freedom Par Tri-6 uplights, White Moroccan Lanterns, several 15 Bulb Gold Crystal Chandeliers, and smaller Lanterns.
The outside has been cleverly outfitted with a lighted 4×8 pink canopy Mini Taj entrance tent. By using Uplights and lanterns at the entrance tent, guests are instantly transported to a joyous Mehndi upon arrival. Two linked 4×8 Mini Taj buffet service tents, canopied in a royal blue, are brought to brilliance with White Moroccan Lanterns and additional Uplights. Both, entrance tents and buffet service, have been draped in the uplifting blue, pink, and yellow color arrangement.
Adjacent to the Mini Taj Buffet tents is a beautiful Taj Mahal Marquee tent embellished with the same blue, pink, and yellow color arrangement. This outdoor tent has been prepared as a charming table service with coordinating table clothes, a soft ivory backdrop, and the show stopping 15 Bulb Gold Crystal Chandeliers.
This Mehndi was not only reserved for outside but brought inside while maintaining a warm and loving feel. The ever-cheerful blue, pink, and yellow color arrangement was brought inside, and the sincere emotion can be felt with matching cushions, bolsters, lanterns, and Uplights. The bridal area is highlighted by using a sumptuous pink backdrop, luxurious Royal Sofa, wood carved Royal Tables and bright effervescent yellow cushions.
This Mehndi is an awesome illustration of the power of color, dynamic use of lights, and loving touches used both inside and outside to create an unforgettable Mehndi.
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